Cool Things to See and Do in Toole County MT
Sherrie Murphy says, visit us in Toole County Montana and have Cool Time!

#82 Cool Thing: Lake Lutefisk

Lake lutefisk (lake name given to me by my informant) is created from the excess water from one Somont oil well.  The lake is actually an evaporation pit for the oil well.  The well that produces all this water, was originally a water source well for Texaco.  Texaco was getting a large percentage of oil in their quest for water, so they quit using the well (approximately in the early ’60s).  This well has an electric pump at the bottom of the well; which allows the well to produce greater volume of fluids (oil and water).

Two nearby tank batteries separate the water from the oil.  The clean water then goes into a small pond, and it  flows, by gravity, to Lake Lutefisk.  The fountains are fun to see, but they serve a purpose that is not aesthetic.  The fountains help evaporate the water faster than nature does, and that evaporation prevents the pit from getting too full.  The lake is .5 miles south of Swayze Exit on I15 (mile marker 385).

More information on Somont Oil, go to

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