Cool Things to See and Do in Toole County MT
Sherrie Murphy says, visit us in Toole County Montana and have Cool Time!

#140 Cool Thing: Frontier in Dunkirk, Montana

The Frontier Bar and Supper Club in Dunkirk, MT, was built  by Frank Lewis in 1960.  Mr. Lewis was a partner in the Ranch (Cool Thing #105) with Baldy, and left because of partner conflict.  Frank Lewis was known as the ‘brain’ of the partnership, and the fact that the Frontier is still operating, over 50 years later, is certainly a testament to his business smarts.

The building hasn’t changed much over the years, and looks a bit tired when you approach it.  The Frontier originally had slot machines, and provided food, drinks, music and dance.  The food is still excellent, the steak and prime rib are the best; it’s a busy place, so it might be a good idea to call for reservations, at 432-3600.  The Frontier is open Wednesday through Sundays; the bar opens at 3:00 P.M., and the restaurant starts serving at 5:00 P.M.  Drive 10 miles East of Shelby on U.S. Highway 2; and you’ll find the Frontier on the south side of the road, across from the elevators.  Enjoy!


2 Responses to “#140 Cool Thing: Frontier in Dunkirk, Montana”

  1. The frontier bar was operating in the 50’s. My best friend and I used to go there and get soda pop and chips and walk next door to her parents home and sit and talk. Her parents owned the general store and post offece there for many years. my mom and day were maile carriers for years

  2. Not a cool place at all. The fried chicken dinner came right out of frozen box of banqet chinken! Way too expensive and the ower is a drunk.

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